Process development status of fast pyrolysis technologies

Article in the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018, v90, pp298-315.


  • Comprehensive review on current status of biomass fast pyrolysis into renewable fuels.

  • Summary on the progress on semi-commercial conversion technologies.

  • Detailed discussion of available technologies with focus on the commercial readiness of the thermal and catalytic pyrolysis.

  • Key impediments in biomass conversion technologies at industrial scale.

Process development status of catalytic fast pyrolysis technologies for the manufacture of renewable transport fuels from biomass

Presentation Poster at BioEnergy Australia Conference, November 14 - 15th, 2016, Brisbane, Australia.


Production of fuels from renewable feedstocks and wastes is a potential solution to reducing the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use. The major challenges in converting cellulosic biomass to "drop-in" liquid fuels are related to the feedstock properties. Biomass has high oxygen content, high water content, a fibrous molecular structure and many feedstocks contain the presence of alkali salts in relatively high percentages. Fast pyrolysis is a potentially promising thermochemical method of producing renewable fuels and chemicals from biomass and waste feedstocks.

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